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Do Movies Portray Hypnosis Accurately (No)

There are many approaches to dealing with life’s everyday problems. Truth is that most problems originate from the mind including sickness and health problems. It is due to this that many people are switching to mindfulness techniques as a way of dealing with their issues. While the most common method people use is meditation, most people don’t really understand hypnosis and confuse it for mindfulness. Most people learn about hypnosis from the movies which does not give a true representation of what it actually is. According to most movies, hypnosis is a form of meditation and that is not true.

Meditation is a form of hypnosis and not the other way round.  If the meditation is guided then it can be a form of hypnosis. While they both serve the same purpose and are both mindfulness techniques, Hypnosis has an end goal in mind, like it is done for a specific purpose unlike meditation which is generally done. Most of the time hypnosis is guided while meditation does not have to be specifically guided. Hypnotherapy can be done anywhere just like meditation, there is also hypnotherapy office that you can do at your workplace. Some of the reasons you should try out hypnosis include:

Do Movies Portray Hypnosis Accurately (No)

Break an addiction

Hypnosis is a good way of dealing with an addiction and has been proven to be very effective in dealing with some issues people struggle with such as smoking and nail biting among many others.

Improve the state of the mind

Hypnosis is a good way of improving the state of the mind and can help in dealing with learning difficulties, memory problems, and concentration problems and can help in increasing creativity. It is also a good way of dealing with low self-esteem and lack of motivation. It has been known to be a confidence booster, increasing self-esteem which helps improve motivation and performance. According to a research, hypnosis has been linked with increased sports performance.

Can help in increasing calmness

Hypnosis is a good way of dealing with anxiety, fears, phobia, and panic attacks among many others. According to a study conducted, it has a calming effect and patients who participated in hypnosis reported to be calmer with less fears and more confident.

Can ease symptoms of Irritable bowel syndrome

Hypnosis has been known to be an effective method of dealing with IBS which may be costly with medical care. According to a study done to IBS patients, 71% of them reported an improvement of their situation after 12 sessions and the effects lasted for up to 8 years post the treatment. It is therefore a good alternative of dealing with IBS.

Helps in dealing with insomnia

Hypnosis is a good way of dealing with sleep problems such as insomnia. It has a sleep inducing effect that has no side effects as compared to relying on drugs.

There are many other benefits of hypnotherapy and upon visiting a hypnotherapy center you will be advised depending on what you are trying to achieve.