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Make And Sell Your Own Workout DVD’s

Workout DVD’s are a good solution to those that don’t have the time to hit the gym.  There are so many wonderful workout DVD’s out there that help people transform their lives for the better.  Famous fitness instructors like Jillian Michaels, Tony Horton, Billy Blanks and Zuzka Light are earning a great income from their workout DVD’s and helping those in need of some change at the very same time.  It is however not just famous fitness instructors that can make a good income by selling workout DVD’s.  In fact, thanks to modern tech just about any fitness instructor can start their own line of workout DVD’s and earn a great income by selling them.

Make And Sell Your Own Workout DVD’s

You will need a good camera

The first thing you will need is a good camera.  If you want to take professional videos and plan on making a series of workout DVD’s then the Sony HXR-MC50U is a great investment. This camcorder enables you to take HD quality videos yourself and you can also capture high quality images at 1080i resolution.  The camcorder is great for fast motion sports and is also perfect for workout DVD’s since you can move around easily and zoom in and out to capture great content easily.

You will need a video producer

You might want to look up a professional video producer, unless you have some sick video editing skills.  This is however not an essential for making workout DVD’s.  There are plenty of influencers and YouTubers that make a killing from DIY workout DVD’s that they recorded themselves, edited themselves and distributed themselves.

Choose a recording spot

Next you will need a good workout area where you can record your workout instructions.  This isn’t the most difficult of steps because a good looking garden is more than enough for a workout DVD.

Plan your workouts

As a fitness instructor you probably know what you would like to include in the workout DVD for good fitness results.  You can plan your workouts sessions and start recording until you have enough content for your videos.

Dress for the look

A good set of gym clothes doesn’t cost that much and will greatly contribute to a high quality look and feel for your workout DVD’s.  Dress the part and invest in good quality workout gear like a Yoga mat, weights and whatever else you may need.

Start recording

Now the fun begins.  Take videos and get in plenty of practice and fun while you are trying to develop your own workout DVD’s.

Consider ‘how to’ videos

Sometimes the simplest video can have the best results.  Instead of just focusing on full workout DVD’s you should also try to make a few ‘how to’ videos that you can feature on your webpage or on YouTube.  These ‘how to’ videos are great for luring more people to your webpage and you can earn good income from online channels and sites based on the number of views your videos get.  YouTube and E-How are good examples of websites that are willing to pay well for a video that can generate lots of views, likes and follows.