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What You Didn’t Know About Protein

We’ve all heard the hype about eating more protein based foods. We understand that everybody and his brother has a desire to consume protein shakes. However, most of us don’t really know why protein is good for us. And, chances are, we are unaware of the fact that key parts of our bodies are made up of proteins.

If you’re simply interested in protein for muscle and fitness goals, this is a great site:

https://proteinforfitness.com/isopure-zero-carb-protein-powder-review/. You’ll discover a review of protein powder and have a better concept of how it can help you gain muscle mass. Plus, you will be able to read the pros and cons of that specific powder. But, you probably need to better understand the value of protein in general. That’s what this article is all about!

What You Didn’t Know About Protein

What You Didn’t Know About Protein

Eat More Protein for These Benefits

Protein helps your body function properly. It contributes to growth and development. And, it’s actually involved in all of your bodily functions! High protein diets, therefore, have a lot of health benefits. Eat more protein for these benefits:

  • Muscle Mass- As we said in the intro, people are taking protein powder for the sake of increasing muscle mass. A lack of necessary amino acids can lead to muscle atrophy. So, eating something protein based after a workout is highly advisable. Learn more.
  • Live Longer– Or, at the very least, slow the aging process. Your body has to synthesize glutathione. It’s stored in cells for the purpose of detoxing the body. Protein helps in the synthesis process.
  • Weight Control– Most of the mentions of protein focus on diets. And though there is some debate about whether or not it can actually help you lose weight, it does keep you full. When you feel full you are less likely to overeat. Carbs and fats don’t satiate quite like high protein foods can.
  • Bone Strength– Bone health studies are showing a correlation between proteins and bone strength. If you are needing to heal a broken bone, eat protein that comes from nutrient rich whole foods. Why? Because it helps with bone metabolism and aids in increasing calcium absorption.
  • Blood Sugar Stabilization– You have to have proper insulin levels to metabolize proteins as well as fats and carbohydrates. Interestingly enough, fats and carbohydrates deplete insulin levels faster than protein does. So, if you’re looking for minimal effects on your blood glucose levels protein is an excellent option. Read this.
  • Healthy Heart– High blood pressure seems to be remedied by higher protein diets. And, when you substitute protein for carbs you will discover that your bad cholesterol decreases thanks to the ability of protein to help balance blood sugar.
  • Brain Function– Proteins enable the neurotransmitters and hormones in your brain to function properly. Our brains need amino acids to stay focused and concentrated. Proteins are a great help in this area.
  • Mood Improvement– Because we get certain amino acids from proteins, we find that hormone balance and mood stabilization abilities improve when we add them to our diets. When we lack these amino acids, we feel anxious or depressed. Sometimes we will even feel weak.

Taking protein seriously is important to your overall well-being. Proteins can be gained from some of these well known and easily accessible foods: beef, chicken, bone broth, lentils, salmon, black beans, eggs, yogurt, goat cheese, and almonds. If you need help planning a protein rich diet, read this.