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How to Become a Tour Guide

You have finally decided that you are going to become a tour guide. You should know that the rules and regulations to become a tour guide are different from one country to another. There are some countries that would require their tour guides to finish a degree and to have a lot of experience prior to getting the right job while others can become a tour guide as long as they are passionate and they have good communication skills.

You will know the qualities of good tour guides when you go on different tours. For example, you may take Cozumel Tours by Cab and you will find exceptional tour guides that will help you learn all of the details that you want to know. At the same time, you will feel that you are welcome at the place where you are going to take the tour.

How to Become a Tour Guide

How to Become a Tour Guide

Depending on where you are located, these are some of the requirements that you may be obligated to have:

  • Certificate Programs
  • License from a reputable agency
  • Masters Degrees

These are some of the other steps you have to take to become an official tour guide in your own region:

  1. Get to know the rules and regulations set by your region regarding the hiring of tour guides. There are some resorts that will hire tour guides of a certain age while there are also some who require tour guides of all ages.
  2. You may be required to take a written test. Once again, this depends on the region where you are in. The test will be composed of certain facts and information that you should know about if you are a tour guide.
  3. Decide what area you would like to cover. Do you want to become a tour guide in a small area or you would rather become a tour guide of a big place? There are some people who prefer being a guide to big and exotic places especially if the pay is greater compared to being a tour guide of a certain tour.
  4. You need to strengthen your on-the-job experience. There are some places that will require you to have had previous experience in being a tour guide beforehand so they will know if you are a good fit for the job or not. There are some places that will provide tour guides with a higher salary when they have had previous experience before.
  5. You need to know the disadvantages of the job. Take note that being a tour guide does not mean that you are going to get regular income. It will be a case-to-case basis depending on the number of people who would like to avail your tours. There will be days when the people you will tour are rude or will not listen to you at all.

As a tour guide, you may be asked some questions that you will find silly but as long as you have proper communication skills, you will not have any issues with answering what has been asked.